Psychology and Slot Machines

Recently I was at a bookstore reading about social media and the impact it has on marketing, and during the discussion one writer compared psychology and slot machine gambling to social media in that there is persuasive technology at work in both cases. After some analysis I realized just how similar their arguments are. In fact the online gambling and slots games have some parallels and also some differences as well in that there are the same kind of reinforcement, information management, and variable rewards structures that are involved.

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There are also two types of people that gamble either with slots or with slot machines. One type of person gambles because they like to win and they have a high comfort level with the outcome of that outcome. The other type of person gambles because they like to take risks, but not win because they have some level of uncertainty about the outcome. In the case of slot machines this is especially true because if you hit a jackpot on a slot machine you do not know what will happen, but if you have at least a reasonable expectation about the odds of hitting that jackpot then you will have a certain amount of confidence in your chances of hitting that jackpot.

The interesting thing about slot machine games is that slot machines reward certain behaviors. When you go to a casino you will notice that slot players are very predictable and they always play the same number of machines over again. This is because when a person wins on a slot machine the slot game provides instant gratification, it gets them interested in playing more, and they start looking for that next jackpot. As I mentioned before there is also another type of person that really doesn’t have a use for psychology and slot machines. These people are the ones that sit around and simply add money to the machine and eventually walk away when they are finished playing.